Berwick Tennis Club

Arch Brown Reserve, Buchanan Rd, Berwick VIC 3806


Set4Tennis is committed to providing high quality tennis coaching at the Berwick Tennis Club in a fun and vibrant environment. We cater for players of all ages and skill levels; whether you’re an experienced player looking to boost your performance or a beginner who has never picked up a racquet before, our coaches have the experience and expertise to help.

The club offers weekday coaching for small groups, private one-on-one coaching, development squads for more advanced students, as well as morning lessons for ladies to hone their skills. We are also proud providers of the ANZ Hot Shots program, which aims to get young children from the ages of 3-10 interested in tennis.

The club is always open for new members, so if you’re interested in learning how to play a great game in an enjoyable and friendly environment, then the Berwick Tennis Club is the place for you.

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Berwick Tennis Club
Arch Brown Reserve, Buchanan Road
Berwick VIC 3804

Coaching Availability

Monday to Friday

Berwick Tennis Club