Junior Tennis Programs

Unlock your child’s tennis potential with our after-school junior tennis programs tailored for all skill levels. Whether your child is new to the game or already showing a natural flair for tennis, our programs provide a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience. Equip them with the skills and tips needed to thrive in this energetic sport. Join us in fostering a love for tennis and nurturing the champions of tomorrow.

One of our most popular programs is the Hot Shots program, a fun way for children between the ages of 3-10+ to play and learn tennis. 

Children learn in a fun environment, on scaled courts, using modified racquets and low-compression tennis balls, allowing them to understand and develop their technical and tactical skills from their very first lesson, and to experience success and progress at their own pace.

There are four stages to the Hot Shots Initiative, with children progressing to the next level once they possess the necessary skills.

The program’s first stage is called the Launchpad Stage, and is all about introducing children to the basics of tennis through fun games and activities. An emphasis is placed on perceptual motor skills so that a solid foundation for future learning is created.

The Red Stage is built for beginners. We use 25% compression tennis balls that are larger, bounce lower and are therefore comfortable for students to hit. We recommend that children in the Red Stage use a 21-23″ racquet size.

Next is the Orange Stage. After mastering the Red Stage, children move onto 50% compression balls that are smaller and bounce a little higher, on a slightly larger court, to further their skill progression. Children in Orange Stage tend to be older and more developed, so we recommend a 23-25″ racquet size.

The final stage of the Hot Shots program is the Green Stage, which acts as the final bridge between young beginners and fledgling future stars. Using 75% compression balls and a 25-27″ racquet allows students to excel in a more challenging environment.

In addition to the Hot Shots initiative, Set4Tennis also provides a range of different coaching options for our older students.

A popular choice is our 30-minute group lesson for four children, which fosters friendly competition and skill-based challenges for all students.

We also offer semi-private lessons for two children, which allows for more specialised focus on key aspects of a player’s game, and private one-on-one lessons to develop more advanced skillsets for rising stars.

For our top-level juniors, Set4Tennis provides development squads, which place an emphasis on gameplay and tactical knowledge to take your game to the next level.

Set4Tennis doesn’t just cater to children; we also offer lessons for up to six adults per class, which focus on technique, matchplay and fitness.

To find out more information, please see our fees here, or contact us here, because we believe that no matter how old or how experienced you are, Set4Tennis has a program to benefit you.